Hart House started with 2 children and had increased to 26 as at January 2017; 20 boys and 6 girls.

Short term care is from Mondays to Fridays and family members bring their children in and collect them. Only 2 of the children live within walking distance, the furthest someone has to travel is about 10 miles.

All children stay overnight, with new ones starting with one day a week.

The age range of the children is between 5 to 15 years. They normally leave when they reach 15 although one child is being kept on at the moment who is 16.

We care for mild to severe mental learning difficulties. Some children's additional conditions are epilepsy, cerebral palsy, speech impairment, Downs Syndrome etc.

Parents can approach Hart House directly to ask for a place or children could be referred to us by primary or nursery school teachers, the Social Welfare Department, Paediatric Consultants and also some people who see our sign boards. The C.E.O then makes it his job to visit the child's home for a family interview. If the interview is successful an application form for admission would be filled out and a copy of the form is sent to the Social Welfare Department with whom we have a Memorandum of Understanding.



General classroom activities plus others that have been introduced at different times and have developed to include:

- Socialisation games
- Art & Craft
- Makaton (Sign Language)
- Table games
- Sports, Outdoor games and special Olympics
- Colour matching
- Dressing, washing etc
- Sand and water play
- Outings (educational, interest, entertainment, transfer of learning)
- Jigsaw puzzles
- Music
- Indoor play activities (toy cars, lego, doll house etc)
- Children's videos and DVD's (educational and entertainment)
- Physiotherapy and Write Dance

On occasions, local children have also been joining residents for the above activities.



Sainabou                                          Omar G.                                       Assan, Aruna & Edrisa



Amadou                            Ebrima Ce.          Edrisa                  Ansumana B         Ousman



Bakary               Omar D.            Ebrima J.         Kadijatou (Aja)    Abdul Aziz          Fatou



Modue S                Yusupha              Modue J                      Momadue                    Pa Lamin