Funding / Expenses


Many hours and kilometres have been spent over the past years to improve the funding situation for the home and though much has been promised by many people and businesses there is minimal delivery.

Funding mostly comes from individuals in European countries (e.g. UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland). Schools in the UK have also donated monies raised from the sale of tickets to the Christmas performance, entry fees to bazaars and other fund-raising events. One supporter organised 'Hart Beat' in the UK - an evening of auctioning items, selling raffle tickets and music and dancing which raised just over £1800. Another UK supporter printed new Hart House leaflets free of charge. We were fortunate to receive money raised by the Dutch team 'Ice Earth & Fire' who took part in the Arctic Challenge 2017. This was used to purchase a minibus in which we take the children on outings and hospital visits as we feel obliged to take them for physiotherapy, eye tests, check-ups and advice for mobility issues as their families, due to a number of factors, find it difficult to do themselves.

Please go to the 'Help us' page to see how you could support us and our Facebook page ( for details of recent donations and latest news from Hart House.

Visits from tourist coaches during the months of November until April have unfortunately ceased but we are hoping to re-engage tourists through leafleting hotels etc.


Staffing                                                              44,000

Food                                                                  30,000

Other (Cleaning materials, telephone etc,)         30,000

The total monthly expenditure is D 104,000 or just over 1,900 UK Pounds or 2200 Euros (exchange rate as of 4 February 2017)

The total expenditure per child thus averages D 4,000 per month which is just over 73 UK Pounds or nearly 85 Euros per month.